Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Trends Affecting How We Connect Through Social Media

No doubt that the ways we connect have changed dramatically over the past few years - I remember sitting and thinking Twitter was the silliest thing I had ever seen in March of 2008. And today? I am on twitter with my accounts and business accounts and client accounts and I probably tweet 5-6 hours per day - double that one some days.

Niche connections are definitely a big trend. Locations are the biggest at the moment but I have not quite bought into that ... seems like a stalker's dream to me but who knows ... you might see me tweeting my caramel macchiato at the Starbucks soon!

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No matter how much we open up on the web, creating new connections online can be intimidating. Just as not everyone can start a conversation with a stranger at the bar, not everyone can comfortably start conversations in social media. Luckily, there are hundreds of online services and apps popping up, trying to solve our social awkwardness and help us discover new connections in new ways. These tools allow even the introverts among us to communicate, find friends, business partners and, yes, dates.
One thing is most definite, online networks will continue to help us connect in more effective ways, collaborating with and inspiring each other. It can be as simple as connecting two “Mad Men” fans via Miso, or as large as organizing a global movement through CauseCast. The more we get used to the idea of creating new online connections and willing to try new ways to do so, the more chances we have in finding those that will turn to be meaningful.
Below, we’ve taken a look at at the five ways we connect using social media. From tags on Twitter (Twitter), to locations on Foursquare (Foursquare), to algorithmic systems; each of these trends is helping us build meaningful relationships.

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