Monday, October 11, 2010

Creating a Social Media Plan

A Social Media Business Plan is vital to the exposure and future growth of most businesses. From small home businesses to large corporations, the goal is to get your message out to the masses and where are the Masses? On Facebook...and Twitter...and Linkedin...and tons of other Social Media platforms.

I recently completed a proposal for an auto dealership to handle a Social Media project for them. I explained the importance of a blog to increase SEO and provide more than just sales information to your target audience. We talked about using Twitter to not only get their products in front of people but also to get out information - be more personal. The goal - Engage your Audience!

The very cool part of this discussion is that I came away not only with a new project but also an interview and guest for my next political podcast to discuss the government bailout of General Motors. And the dealership? Well, we are going to put them in the conversation at the dinner table of the locals here in Utah County - not just because they have great products but because the dealership was smart enough to reach out through Social Media & present themselvelves as a vital information source for everything from buying a new or used car to why Americans need to buy American.

In my tiptoes through Twitter this morning - I came across this article from one of my favorite follows: Amber Naslund at Altitude Branding and @ambercadabra on twitter. These are all vital points when considering a Social Media Plan and mandatory for setting up conversations with any new clients.

From 20 Questions To Start a Social Media Discussion
  1. What do we do and why, in your words (not a vision statement)? On what could we, as a business, spend more time, energy, and focus?
  2. Are you passionate about your role? If so, why? If not, what would help you be?
  3. What goals do you have for your role this year? How do you hope to impact the success of your department? The company?
  4. How would you describe the culture of our organization?
  5. How do you use the internet in your work life? In your personal life? Where are the overlaps?
  6. How do you believe your team uses the internet for their work? Have you heard ideas or feedback for ways they’d like to use it more or differently to do their jobs better?
  7. Where do you turn when seeking resources or information about your role? Our company? Our industry?
  8. What does our ideal customer look like, aside from demo/psychographics? What do they seek from us?
  9. If you could ask our customers whatever you wanted, what questions are on your mind? What would you like to know about them and their relationship to our company?
  10. How is your function in the business most impacted by customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  11. Do you think our brand presentation aligns with our reputation in the industry? Why or why not?
  12. How strong do you think our internal communication is? What would make it better? What information do you wish you had more of?
  13. What kind of marketing or promotion do you think we do really well? What’s gotten you excited about the way we put our company out there, and why?
  14. How well do you think we communicate with customers overall and solicit their feedback? What strengths and gaps do you see? Does it impact you, and if so, is it for better or worse?
  15. What sorts of measures do you use in your current role to evaluate the success or impact of your work/department?
  16. How flexible and adaptable do you feel our internal processes are? Are there some that are outdated? Cutting edge?
  17. What’s your perception about social media based on what you know/have heard/have read?
  18. Do you believe social media has a place in our work and business? Why or why not?
  19. What are the worst case scenarios you can imagine from social media? What scares you, and what are the risks you’re most concerned with?
  20. What excites you about social media, if anything?
  21., 20 Questions To Start a Social Media Discussion, Dec 2009
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